Issue 177. 22 March - 4 April. ?1.35.

Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Ellie De Ville

Sonic quits the gang, blaming himself for the death of Johnny Lightfoot. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Porker find out the hard way that Chaos is still alive.

Knuckles: Carnival Night Conspiracy: Part 6
Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Steve Potter

If Knuckles can't even get into the Carnival Night Zone, how on Mobius can he protect the people that are walking unwittingly towards their doom?

Tails: Fox on the Run: Part 3
Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Carl Flint
Colouring: Mike Hadley
Lettering: Steve Potter

As they evade danger, Tantrum makes Tails realise how he must sound to Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Great Escape Part 2
Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Rob Corana
Colours: Timothy Marx
Lettering: Ellie De'Ville

Sonic, Tails, Johnny, Amy and Porker are on a rescue mission outside the Metropolis Zone. Shame that they've already landed themselves into a 2-parters worth of trouble. :)

As usual, you can expect the full lowdown on Sonic the Comic: Sonic the Electronic Magazine... albeit not from me because for the time being I can't load up to it.