Nobody has reported it, so I may as well make use of the submission section here to tell everyone that the fantastic 173rd issue of Egmont Fleetway's Sonic the Comic is currently lurking on the shelves of newsagents around the country!

It's easily recognisable for the fantastic cover with Sonic trapped by the Plax. It contains the following stories:

GAME OVER (Part One)
(Script: Lew Stringer - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)
Continues from STC 171 and 172, where Robotnik and his alien allies, the Plax, unleashed an anti-life virus to destroy Mobius. And I think this instalment might just be the best yet...

KNUCKLES: Carnival Night Conspiracy (Part 2)
(Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

TAILS: The Land Beyond (Part 3)
(Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Dave Windett & John M Burns - Lettering: Steve Potter)

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Badnik's Bridge (Part 2)
(Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Casanovas & John M Burns - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)

Also, there's the return of "Speedlines" with two pages of letters, and a new subscription offer page.

-- Ed