1. Didn't Sonic Blast come out for the Game Boy pocket? I think I remember playing it on it?
2. In Sonic spinball, why does it have Sonic Satam's Freedom Fighters?
3. Does Sonic 2 count as the first Sonic 3d bonus round?
4. On Sonic R, is there a way to slow the other characters down? Becase when I get all 5 coins,I always come in at 4th or 5th place.
5. Will they ever make a Sonic game for PS2 or X box?
6. will they bring old Sonic cartoons back to telvision? 7. If there is a Sonic jam 2,what will it be releced on? 8. Aren't SA2 and SA2 battle baseicly the same thing? 9. What happend to Amy rose after Sonic saved her? 10. If SEGA makes another hand held system,will it have 32 bits? 11.will they make another Knuckles or Tails game?
1. No
2. Because it wasn't a Sonic Team game and they used other characters.
3. Yes
4. No
5. Not just yet, though there are rumors.
6. Probably not unless companies start seeing people want to watch them.
7. No
8. Battle