Yep, Sonic Underground turned one today, with it being the anneversery of the day SU aired in the US, plus along for the ride.

On a side note, a fan manga of Sonic was just recently found on the net by Qtoken. Okay, Sega's said it before: SU is BEFORE Sonic met Tails. But who knew that before SatAM, before Archie, Before Sonic 3, BEFORE TAILS WAS EVER INTRODUCED IN 1992, there was SU? It was featured in a manga that was published in 1992, before Sonic 2. It features Sonic as a kid, along with a brother and a sister, both havin the resembence of Manic and Sonia, except in the comic, Manic is wearing glasses, and Sonia jas a FUNKY hairdo. Look for yerself. Could this be the pre-Su that existed before Tails' time?

Sonic Manga

WB had this to comment on the manga.

"The manga in reference is titled Shonen Jump - its the same manga that Dragonball Z and Dragonball and currently Akira Toriyama's new project Sand Land are serialized in.

HOWEVER - I dont THINK its fully official. But then again - this is a case where we would NEVER know.

You see - Shonen Jump is notorius for unnoficial stuff. However - you're absolutely correct. Theres NO WAY this could have been after Sonic SatAM. This is DEFINETELY before considering Shonen Jump doesnt do this anymore.

What QToken found is whats called a "Fan manga". Its not official, but printed officially by a respected manga artist. Shonen Jump used to do this sort iof thing if I'm correct. The kids look NOTHING like Sonia and Manic, so I doubt theres any relation to SU at all, EXCEPT for the idea that it was out there before SatAM. It leaves wonder as to what other "goodies" are sitting out there in manga land.

Sorry to dissapoint - nine times out of ten it probably isnt SU related, but it IS a gem nonetheless and newsworthy. And like I said - if this was in Shonen Jump and been on the net this long it was definetely before SatAM.

So while the mysteries of SU have yet to be solved, this could (or could not) be a key to where the idea may have been layed.