Due to Memorial Day, Sonic #85 (depending on where you live or if you have a subscription) will not hit shelves until this Thursday - June 1, 2000. If you're lucky it may get in this Wednesday, but it may not depending on whom you shop with.

You can find the comic book in any Grocery or Comic Book Store, or if you wish to order it online - Go to Mile High Comics and place an order for it at these links.

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Spoilers below; Note that this is the first new story since the Sonic Adventure arc, plus the beginning of Danny Fingeroth's Metal Sonic storyline to take place next issue -

"The Big Payback"
Writer(s): Karl Bollers
Penciler(s): Ron Lim
Inker(s): Andrew Pepoy

Robotnik is upset by Sonic's victory over "Perfect Chaos," so he sics Silver Sonic II on the blue blur - right as the Freedom prepare to depart the Hidden City! Joining the battle, Sonic's friends find trying to beat Silver Sonic II in hand-to-hand combat is impossible - only Sonic can withstand Silver Sonic II's blows. The battle is furious, with repercussions sure to impact the future of the Freedom Fighters. What lies in store for our fearless heroes, and is there a way to defeat the juggernaut that is Silver Sonic II?