As reported below - has opened, however its far from actually being finished. ^___^

According to Chainspike (Lien) who checked it out this morning:

I downloaded the SA2 trailer, and it's in much better quality than the ones from the E3 coverage. It's exactly the same, just better image quality and new music. They've moved a lot of the stuff from their old site to the new one, and now it's just more organized. :P I downloaded a desktop wallpaper image of Sonic, but they seem to have problems with their compressing files in Winzip, cuz I tried extracting them and got weird results. :P

We'll keep you informed for further results. You can download the Sonic Movie AND the new wallpaper below.. ^__^

Movie File #1: - 320x240 (Large)
Movie File #2: - 112x80 (Small)
Wallpaper #1: - 1280x1024 (Large)
Wallpaper #2: - 800x600 (Small)