Debunking all the reports of any fraudulent mishaps started by other websites, it seems super lucky Sonic fan Sierra Ranay has been put in the clear. A month or so ago, Sierra owner of Sonic and maintainer of SHQ's cartoons page, made the claim that she was contacted by Yuji Naka and a person named Keith Palmer of Sega Of America who wished to transfer ownership of to their namesakes.

Well it seems the transfer is finished as Sonic Team has finally started uploading on its new website - Nothing is up yet except for the phrase "Coming Soon". But at least this finally proves to the naysayers that Sierra wasnt lying. Her gift for being so helpful to SoA and Sonic Team - ALL SA related merchandise including the keychains, tee shirts, plushies: AND a copy of Sonic Shuffle before it hits the shelves! Congratulations Sierra.

In other ST news - The world's first online console game- ChuChu Rocket! -has taken claim over 100,000 new homes in Europe. Dreamarena, the Dreamcasts exclusive Internet portal has been overloaded by over 100,000 users signing up for the game since the June 9th launch. Dreamarena currently has over 300,00 users registered and receives over 3 million hits per month. With upcoming games like Quake 3, Sonic Team's Phantasy Star Online, and Black and White, the numbers will probably get higher.

European gamers - To get your copy of ChuChu Rocket!, head on over to and check out the instructions.

Source: Sega X