Sonic Super Special #14 - The book that begins AND ENDS a lot of the previous Knuckles story arcs that took place in his book was released today in book stores and groceries across the US. Note that some people ended up getting the book 1 week early, but that mostly depended on where you live -

"Zone Wars: Law Of The Land"
"The Best of Times, the Worst of Times"
Writer(s): Ken Penders, Jim Spivey & Evan Skolnick
Penciler(s): Steven Butler, Pam Eklund, Suzanne Paddock & Harvo

Everyone's favorite red dude with the 'tude, Knuckles, returns in this novel-length epic. The action comes fast and furious as old plotlines are resolved and the stage is set for new Knuckles adventures which will appear regular in the monthly Sonic series. Plus: In another "Zone Wars" feature, Sonic is thrown into the trial of his life by a Mobius of another zone called Litigopolis, where everyone sues everyone else.