We knew it would be coming soon and now it's finally here. Sonic Runners Adventure is now out for Android and iOS.

You'll have to pay $2.99 but this also means no ads, no stupid roulettes or other freemium junk. This time, it's by Gameloft and not Sega. If you played the original Sonic Runners, you'll be right at home. Sonic has a triple jump, Tails can sorta fly and Knuckles has a mid air dash. It's nearly identical in terms of control. The buddy system for adding companions is also there along with power ups like the magnet and invincibility. No red rings. Most stuff can be unlocked with rings which you get by playing the levels and getting accomplishments or completing chapters.

Levels have an end point but there additional endless runner levels to help you acquire more stars to reach later levels. Some levels will have you "lap" multiple times or have a time limit. Bosses are like before. Dodge some attacks and then Eggman will rush you, allowing you to attack.

Overall, even with a few items lacking such as no cloud save support or leaderboard (you'll want to use an app like Helium if you're on Android to back up your save data if you move to another device) I would say it's worth the $2.99 price.