For those of you who keep up with the Sonic fancomics and fan art, Sonic Hype, a project thats been in the works for a while, is now hosted here at SHQ. With writer SonIxe and web designer and artist Ian J. Flicky, SH consists of the popular and talented Sonic fan artists and fanfic writers including:

  • Noelle "T2" Carballo - artist
  • Ian the Potto - writer
  • Ian J. Flicky - artist,webpage
  • Fox-Li Swift - artist
  • Rina Cat - artist
  • SharpKnux - artist
  • DaneHog - letterer
  • NeoCat - artist
  • RAF - artist
  • Anime Abys - artist
  • Sarah-Le - artist
  • Tony "Asudeum Hedgehog" Nguyen - artist
  • RealLoneWolf (Rommy Wolf) -writer

    Right now, everything is pretty much bare bones. But thier page is viewable in the link below. If you have any questions, be sure to send them to the SH Forum and ask for Ixe and Ian. Also available via link below. When SHQ's new forums are up look for a Sonic Hype forum to be available there as well. Laters. ^_^

    Source: Sonic Hype
    Questions: Sonic Hype Forum (Temporary)