Sega's New Sonic Heroes Site has a new Sonic Heroes site up with videos, screenshots, wallpapers, and more detailed info on each team's characters and story. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to turn the music off while still playing the videos with sound.

Most of it (besides the wallpapers) we've seen before, but the site has a new theme song and some new character info, which are summarized in the link below.

NOTE: The Team Sonic movie is now mirrored on SHQ's Sonic Heroes page, so you can hear it without the background music interfering. The site has 6 videos - 4 team videos (the 3 on IGN plus a Team Sonic video), the trailer, and the Grand Metropolis Power Plant video.

Team Sonic's theme song is, surprisingly, not as good as the others IMO.

Team Sonic Theme Lyrics:

All right
Oh yeah
This time not alone
We've got some friends along
And as a team we can become even stronger
Together we can overcome all the odds
Never (caught as a team?)

We can make it if we all stick together
We won't get caught not ever
And everything's gonna be all right
We are free now
(So something?) each other
Together we are stronger
Than anyone else could be on their own
So much better than alone

Each team has a different difficulty level.

Rose - Easy
Sonic - Medium
Chaotix - Medium-Hard
Dark - Hard

New Character Info

Cream: "Cream was brought up like a princess and is used to getting what she wants, but never forgets her manners. She often curtsies before unleashing a vicious attack."

Charmy: "He is small and scatterbrained. He's best at following hunches and tracking down hidden objects that help the team along."

Vector: "This charming headphone-wearing crocodile heads up the Chaotix Detective agency and few question his brute strength. He is fixated on money and he'll take nearly any job on the promise of good pay, as long as it's legal. Don't let his dazzling smile fool you; he can effortlessly crush enemies with his sharp teeth."