i was wonderingi f you could give me the lyrics for the sonic heroes theme song. thanx.
Verse 1
What goes up must come down
Yet my feet don't touch the ground
See the world spin upside down
A mighty crash without a sound
I can feel your every rage
Step aside I'll turn the page
Breakin' thru your crazy maze
Like a laser beam my eyes on you

Pre Chorus
Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Feel my storm is getting close
Headed your way

Sonic Heroes
Sonic Heroes
Bind you combine you defying your reign
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Heroes
Setting the stage for a heroes parade

Verse 2
I won't even hesitate
A second left to alter fate
And you try to strike but a bit too late
Got you hooked by my own belt

Pre Chorus 2
Watch me rule the night away
Watch me save the day
Trapped by your own crazy dream and you can't wake



You can bet there ain't no doubt
As the words spill from the mouth of a hero
I can chase another day
Fight you all the way
Like a hero

And together we stand tall no matter how
No one can bring us down...

Sonic Heroes

~ SA Tails