Well now that I'm set up thanks to my trip home for Spring Break, I can get to posting today's latest editorials! ^_^

For today we have two new ones, a response from Bumper to Ian on his Rotor Rumor editorial and a new one concentrating on views from Archie, from a newcomer to the editorial page - Tariq Bhatti.

  • The Rotor Rumor: Response To Rebuttal - And lo - the masses cried Rotor! Bumper takes a good look at what Ian said and sets a few facts straight of his own, as he looks at the collaboration of Nate and Rotor and what it actually means for minors to be roboticised VS majors.

  • Opinions On Archie - So what does the regular joe think about current Archie situations? Submitted by Kamal Bhatti, comes a simple editorial that gives his honest opinion on recent happenings in the comics, what he thinks it needs and what he wants to see. Give it a peek and tell us in two or three paragraphs what you want and whether you agree with him.

    Opinions On Archie
    The Rotor Rumor - Round Three!