Two submitted editorials in one day? I don't even remember the last time that happened...Well now it seems my little editorial question has started something, now hasn't it. ^_^

In response to Bumper's editorial on the rumors floating around of Rotor's robotization, which you can read below, Sonic fan Ian The Potto makes a rebuttal/response and takes a look at something that wasnt previously brought up before - the prospect of a small little scientist, named Nate Morgan. What role will he play? Click to source code see what Ian thinks.

And as an added note, if this really is a good topic, as it seems to be, I'd like to hear from more of you all on it as well as the one mentioned in the Editorial Challenge. After all, thats what this is for. Send me some more editorials folks so I can get rebutalls and responses up. We've got a while before the next poll change. What are you waiting for! Get to it! ^__^

Source: Rotor's Robotization - Round Two!!!