I always wondered why no one ever thought of making a Sonic christmas calendar and put it on the net before.... so I decided I'd make it myself! So, thanks to friends who came with ideas, plus my stubborness, here it is. Starting December the first. I've been working on this project for quite some time now, and starting on December the first; The Sonic Christmas calendar will be up. Every day, 1 new picture will be added to the calendar... it will be just like the real thing; only, no peeking! This calendar will be updated EVERYDAY - repeat - EVERYDAY until December 25, so it might be tough for me to keep up,... but I'll do my best! ^_^
If you'd like to link the x-mas calendar, feel free to do so. I put down a lot of time and effort into this project, and I'd like all Sonic fans to see it!

Source:The Sonic x-mas calendar

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