ReSaurus has given us an advanced look at Sonic Adventure Series 2 figures. Along with the figures, Sega is set to release a sequel to their hit Sonic Adventure game in December of 2000 for the Dreamcast. There is no further word as yet on the possibility of more 11" rotocast figures, such as the just released 11" Sonic, which you can find in any toy or video game shop or some retail places like Media Play or Best Buy (if you look hard enough ^_^).

The first series of ReSaurus' Sonic Adventure action figures have been performing very well at retail. RTM is pleased to share this first look at the second series of Sonic Adventure action figures - which include:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - On Ski Accesorries (White Base "Sonic Laughing")
  • Big The Cat (Yellow Base)
  • Amy Rose (Blue Base)
  • E-102 Gamma (Gray Base Base)

    Overall the toys look pretty cool, but I'm most impressed with the E-102 Gamma toy seen on the right. There was a LOT of detail put into that figure...Big looks a bit creepy (^__^) and they need to do some work on those bases. The colors a litle gaudy, but that may just be the picture quality. But otherwise it looks pretty cool.

    The Toy Island Line is coming along fairly nice as well. Most impressive is thier 5" Dr. Robotnik figure shown to the left.

    Didja hear that? Sonic Adventure 2 this December!
    Thanks to Conekiller for this news.

    Click HERE to view the Toy Island line.
    Click HERE to view the Resaurus line.