The link to it's already on the Sonic Adventure homepage, unfortunately it doesn't work yet. Check out under "Community", "Chao Gardens", then the third option, "Chao Fun Room". There's a new banner over "Evaluate Your Chao", for the Black Market, "Trade Emblems for Special Chao". ^_^ Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite correctly yet. Unlike what it currently says, you DO need to use Game Save Data, not Chao Data (Go to the Game Select screen after you select your VMU, hold "Y" and press "A", it should take five seconds (if it happens really quickly, you need to clear space on that VMU, but the upload file isn't too large, 11 blocks max), and then make a Ring Sound.) Then go to the place mentioned above, select that VMU, and it'll let you in... sort of. See, it's still in debugging, and doesn't quite work right (it kicks you to the same selection screen the Emblem Attack does, and with almost any selection it complains the page didn't set the "World Ranking" cookie to your DC webbrowser, a shame.) But obviously, this is a pretty big clue it's coming soon. Too bad with the Sonic Adventure hacking projects, the hardcore audience has seen most of the "Special" Chao, but this'll allow them to be more mainstream and easier to access, I suppose. ^_^

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Source: The Moogle Cavern