Hey there folks! When I was on the Official UK Dreamcast Magazine's website, well to be more exact, the online chat, a person claimed he new further details on SA 2, when people questioned him, he said that Tails would indeed play one of the biggest roles in the game. It appears that this person believes he knows who created Dark Sonic, when questioned by chatters, he said Tails created Dark Sonic!

Could this be yet another Nails the Bat rumor, or something more? Well time will only tell, to be infact, we will see whether or not this guy was an imposter on February 2nd 2001, the scheduled release date for Sonic Adventure 2. More information on the release date go to: www.express.com and search 'Sonic'.

Remember folks, there are an awful lot of rumors and theories going around about SA2, so don't take any particular one toooooooooo....serious^_^