Anyone else wondering why these spoilers are so dang early? Didn't Sonic #95's spoilers JUST come out? I like it when things are ahead of schedule, but the spoilers are here at Sonic-speed! Or is that Mina-speed? Anyway, at this rate, #97's spoilers will be here in... oh... 5 days, 6 hours, and 22 minutes. I'll be waitin'!!!


Sonic the Hedgehog #96
Written by Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Art by James Fry, Ron Lim & Ken Penders

"The Messenger." The answers to many questions are revealed - and a few new ones are raised. Has his Majesty's Secret Service learned of Sonic's heroic, secret trip to Robotropolis? Will Princess Sally and Sonic finally see each other again? Has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village?

32 pages, $1.99, ships on April 6.

The Spaz cover looks odd to me... mostly because I can't tell what's happening. Sonic and Mina are being chased by one of those SatAM-ish hoverpods, and... are riding some kind of hoverbike? I dunno! That's what it looks like! Or some big robot in front of them? Curse my 20/30 vision!!! I'll wait for it to be colored...

And what's this... "Has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village?"??? He finally got into Knothole? Cool. ^^

This will be another issue that Fry and Lim will pencil. Fry's work, IMO, is excellent, but Ron Lim, as quoted by someone I know, "is the devil." We'll see how it comes out, though. Ken Penders also writes and inks the Knuckles story, which is missing spoilers again. Well, at least it ain't Ron Lim. :)

This also marks another issue where Sonic and Mina star on the cover together. The question "Where's Sally?" has been on the minds of many fans, and it's on mine, too. Since Mina is scheduled to become Sonic's new "love interest", who knows where Sally'll be??? Probably going for Mina's throat...

The events leading up to Sonic #100 are proving to be more interesting with every bit of new information. I wonder what they've got planned for it. ^_^

That's all for now.

Source: Comics Continuum