Dub here! And today we get the long awaited Sonic #95 spoilers! Bunnie Rabbot fans will definetely want this one for the first story. But Miles "Tails" Prower fans - buckle your seatbelts: "The Chosen One", the final Knuckles arc before Sonic #100 and the follow up to one of the biggest side storylines in Archie starts here.....

Sonic The Hedgehog #95
"Enemy Mine"
"The Chosen One - Part One"
Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
Art by James Fry And Ron Lim
Inks By Andrew Pepoy and Ken Penders.

A trip to Robotropolis to rescue the roboticized Overlanders baffles Sonic and Bunnie, as many of the Overlanders haven't even been roboticized! Meanwhile, Kodos has gone over the top, affected by radiation, leading Sonic and Bunnie to assist Arachnis in battle against Kodos as they attempt to make their way through the Great Forest. Is Kodos' condition part of a bigger threat? Can Arachnis be trusted? And just what can Robotnik be up to by allowing the Overlanders to exist free of roboticization? And in the backup story - His fellow enchidnas might not have the answers to Knuckles' problem, but Athair believes he does. He recruits Tails, along with Merlin Prower, to assist with the solution, leading to the moment many have asked for: the ultimate destiny of Sonic's major domo revealed...

Coolness. Not only do we get a story with Sonic and Bunnie (my personal fave of the FF's) but we get the long requested Chosen One arc that I know a bunch of you will be happy to hear, plus the return of Athair as Tails may possibly meet his uncle Merlin Prower who hasn't been seen since back in the day. :)

As an off note, the miniature version of this cover doesn't really do it justice. Sonic trapped in Spaz's "Spider Man" webbing makes this a SWEET cover and probably his best one in a while just for the layout. I'm not that happy with Ron Lim doing the art for the Knuckles/Tails back, but overall this looks to be a pretty good issue in the making. And if it follows the upswing trend the books have been taking since #88 (skipping SSS#15 - it doesn't exist >_<) then #100 may be looking good after all...