Sonic The Hedgehog #93
Written by Karl Bollers
Art by James Fry
Inks By Andrew Pepoy.

Sonic returns to Knothole and finds himself in hot water because of the missing Sword of Acorns! Angered by the frosty reception, he hastily leaves with Tails, Rotor and Mina. Sonic blames himself and can't stop thinking about the sword. And Robotnik is also angry over the lost Sword of Acorns, terrified it will get in rebel hands and actually restore free will to those he's imprisoned. The facts don't stop Robotnik, however: he pretends to have the Sword in a nefarious plot to hoodwink the newly arrived Overlanders...

The road to Sonic #100 is lookig pretty decent. ^_^ Glad to see Mina, Rote, and Tails following Sonic. This means Sally, Elias, Bunnie, and Ant are back in Knothole and that could prove interesting considering the other previews. Speaking of which:

Now keep in mind - Thanks to Sega stepping in at a SERIOUS last minute, previews were changed and it was announced here that Sonic 92 is being forcibly made into the Sonic Shuffle preview. That issue was supposed to have the lead being the "The Wrath Of Khan" and a Knuckles backup. Whether that main story has been pushed out (which tied into this issue) or whether the Knuckles backup has been pushed out (which would make more sense considering the timeframe it was given to Archie by SEGA), we don't know yet. We'll try to let you know if we do. Peace out! :)