Dub here! Its _SUPER_ late my time and the Sonic #92 Spoilers are just in - and it looks like the return of a love him or hate him character. But THIS TIME - another writer and another artist are handling the chores....

Sonic The Hedgehog #92
"The Wrath of Khan"
"Bagging The Big One"
Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
Art by James Fry and Steven Butler
Inks By Andrew Pepoy and Pam Eklund.

The Wrath Of Khan! Monkey Khan, that is. The cyborg-simian created by Doctor Robotnik returns, and this time the furry fury's got it in for his maker and all Overlanders in general. In an ironic twist, Sonic goes from protecting the newly arrived Overlanders from the Eggman last issue, to defending them against Monkey Khan this issue! If he doesn't they might go running scared into Robotnik's clutches after all. And in the backstory, "Bagging The Big One," As his search for the Floating Island continues, Knuckles discovers he's the quarry of more than a few interested parties, each racing to beat the other. Unfortunately for them, this isn't the Knuckles they've all dealt with before...

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Dec. 22.

Eh. Looks to be somewhat decent - but then again I'm not a big fan of the Amazing Jackie Chan Chimpanzee either. :P Whenever he's been around its always been under the pen of Frank Strom. For once its Karl Bollers and since James Fry is handling artwork there is SOME hope. :)

8 Issues From This One Till The Big Double Zero!!! ^___^