Sonic The Hedgehog #88 spoilers have arrived. Two long missing characters return as well as the beginning of a long awaited story arc! And awaaaaaaay we go -

Sonic The Hedgehog #88
"Family Matters - Part One"
"The Road To Albion - Part One"
Writers: Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
Artists: James Fry and Steven Butler
Inkers: Andrew Pepoy and Pam Ecklund.

Sonic, Princess Sally and the gang return to Knothole to find the kingdom in complete and utter turmoil. Prince Elias has been captured by Shadow-Bots who intend to roboticize him and Queen Alicia undergoes a surgical operation to determine her fate one and for all, while King Max insists on storming Doctor Robotnik's HQ with his troops in order to save his son. As if all that wasn't bad enough, Sonic must also confront his Uncle Chuck, who is under Robotnik's control! And in the backup, Knuckles finds himself drifting alone amid the raging waters after an energy wave sets off a massive explosion in Haven. Surrounded by nothingness, the ghostly image of his ancestor Athair appears to guide him on a journey to Albion, a journey not only of discovery but possible redemption and restorations...

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Aug. 18.

This seems pretty cool. Rotor is due to make a comeback next issue so we'll see whether it means he's back on the team or if its just an update on whats happened to him. Uncle Chuck is back - even though still under Robotnik's control, plus Athair is back in the storyline that was supposed to be the next "big one" for the Knuckles book. If I remember correctly - the "Chosen One" arc (that concentrated on Athair, Knuckles, and FINALLY puts Tails back into the spotlight) is supposed to follow this. Notice how they're starting to bring characters back? I'm assuming that by the early 90's Archie's gonna start something major in preparation for Sonic 100. Also noted is that James Fry returns this issue as head Sonic penciller and Steven Butler this issue as head Knuckles penciller. If you haven't seen it already - check out our interview with James Fry on our Interviews page! That's it. ^___^