Spoilers for Sonic 87 as well as color previews for #86 and the "Knuckles: Best Of Times" Super Special!

Sonic The Hedgehog #87
"Heart Of The Hedgehog - Part Two"
"Against A Haunted Past - Part Two"
Written By Danny Fingeroth and Frank Strom
Drawn By Sam Maxwell and Frank Strom
Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Jim Amash

The heat is on - literally, as Sonic desperately tries to save Tails, trapped inside the rim of a volcano by the menacing Metal Sonic! Rescuing his little buddy will be harder than usual though - the new, sentient version of Metal Sonic knows no limits in his hatred of Sonic, and will stop at nothing to ruin his world. This time he's faster and stronger than before....And in part two of the backup, last month, the tragic origin of Monkey Khan and the sinister part Doctor Robotnik played in the creation were revealed. Now it is the present and Robotnik has Monkey Khan within his grasp again. Can Mobius survive if Robotnik's greatest creation is once again programmed for evil?

Hmmm....This is interesting. VERY INTERESTING. To be quite honest this has been the first Sonic book I'm honestly piqued about in a LONG TIME. If this Danny Fingeroth guy's actual work is as good as the previews sound, I'll take him over Karl Bollers ANY DAY. Here's hoping he STAYS and replaces him as regular writer. IMHO - The sooner the better. >:P

Another noteable quip to mention - when looking at this issue it seems like there are a LOT of Sonic Anime parallels in it. Which IMO is good. A sort of "breath of fresh air" especially with a new guy at the helm and a new story focus. A near sentient Metal Sonic, an active volcano. All thats missing is a certain red echidna with a hat and a whiny princess with a cat fetish. ^__^ Check back here during the day or tomorrow during the BIG SHQ Update and I'll post all the information I can find on Danny Fingeroth.

Previews For Color Covers

Sonic The Hedgehog #86
"Heart Of The Hedgehog - Part One"
"Against A Haunted Past - Part One"
Written By Danny Fingeroth and Frank Strom
Drawn By Sam Maxwell and Frank Strom
Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Jim Amash

After the Freedom Fighter Special makes a crash landing, Sonic and Tails perform a little reconnaissance and find themselves up against the menace of Metal Sonic!

Sonic Super Special #14
"The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times"
"Zone Wars"
Written By Ken Penders, Jim Spivey And Evan Skolnik
Drawn By Steven Butler and Suzanne Paddock
Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Pam Eklund

Everyone's favorite red dude with the 'tude, Knuckles, returns in this novel-length epic. The action comes fast and furious as old plotlines are resolved and the stage is set for new Knuckles adventures which will appear regular in the monthly Sonic series. Plus: In another "Zone Wars" feature, Sonic is thrown into the trial of his life by a Mobius of another zone called Litigopolis, where everyone sues everyone else.

That Spaz Metal Sonic cover looks awesome. Sonic's posing seems a little off, but beyond that the layout is one of the nicest looking from Spaz's "Anime Period" so far. As a closing out: Knux fans - check out that cover on SSS14. Enerjak's back! >;O) And why on EARTH does Snively look like a certain perrenial villian of Dudley Do Right? I guess that means Sonic's trial must be...."Snively Whiplash VS Sally McBeal!!!!"

***Loud groans from audience as tomatoes are thrown at WB***