Title: "The Big Payback"

Written By: Karl Bollers And Ken Penders
Pencils: Ron Lim
Inkers: Andrew Pepoy

Doc Robotnik is furious by Sonic's victory over "Perfect Chaos," so he sics Silver Sonic II on the blue blur - right as the Freedom prepare to depart the Hidden City. Joining the battle, Sonic's friends find trying to beat Silver Sonic II in hand-to-hand combat is impossible - only Sonic can withstand Silver Sonic II's blows. The battle is furious, with repercussions sure to impact the future of the Freedom Fighters! What lies in store for our fearless heroes, and is there a way to defeat the juggernaut that is Silver Sonic II?

Quite interesting. This is the first issue to take place after the adaption with an original story, so it seems Mr. Bollers is utilising the Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic drones in the glass tubes of the Egg Carrier. Question I wonder about is why isn't he using Metal Sonic? Ah well - guess we'll have to wait to find out. Nice to see Silver Sonic again though - LONG LONG time no see....