Its time for the Archie Comic poll reviews folks! This month we present your ratings and reviews for Sonic #83 - "Sonic Adventure - Part Six: Menace To Society":

Sonic #83

"Sonic Adventure - Part 6: Menace To Society"
Writer(s): Karl Bollers
Penciler(s): Steve Butler
Inker(s): Pam Eklund

Results: Overall Rating - 3.4 Rings Out Of Five

The general consensus is just what I expected it to be - middle of the road, some loved it and some didn't like it at all. While it wasn't the best story we've seen in Sonic in a while, IMO it was certainly one of the better parts of the adaption as a whole (and the fact that it was a full story w/no backup helped), though it meandered in certain spots. However - as I've expressed before, my problem isn't so much with Karl Bollers' writing, but his dialogue: the overuse of the slang especially. For the official Sonic HQ review, check out Rolland "Rommy" Therrien's review on the comic page - viewable here.

Reader Reviews:

Spectre_CA: 4/5 (3.8). This was a good issue. One of the better ones recently but Super Sonic was drawn far to wierd. Possibly the only bad part of this issue.

True Red: 4/5 (4.8). I loved this issue, along with the rest of the adaptation (beginning with Sonic #82).

Nicklas 'Astal' Bradach-Nall: 4/5 (3.8). Not bad, actually the best of the adaption so far.

Chazz, the Dark Legionnaire: 3/5 (2.6). I really didn't like how Super Sonic was drawn, and a lot of the panel seperations were just too messy.

Kevin: (4). I thought this was a very good issue. They just need to make the story longer like they did with "Endgame."

Alex Tibbetts: (3). Not too bad. But this issue was just plain rushed.Let's hope Sonic 84 isn't the same.

Blick: 3/5 (2.6). Not the greatest issue ever. They put it the exact same text as in the game. Laaaaaaaaaame.

Trevor (Bumper) Lake: 1/5 (2.2). This story was rushed. I didn't get too much if anything out of this book. I'm sad to see the comic continue to freefall like this....

Nakkrusu: 4/5 (3.6). It was OKAY. The dialog was below average, the art was the best feature, and of course they spelled TIKAL wrong again!

Redbone: 4/5 (4.4). This was a realy good comic I realy liked where sonic met that echidna girl tical

R Prower: 4/5 (3.8). This was my first Sonic comic, and it was pretty good.