Remember "Many Hands," credited for Sonic Super Special #15? Art duties for the main Sonic stories in the Archie comic are slated to be taken over by "Many Hands." This will start with Sonic #113.

From Comics Continuum:


Written by Jay Oliveras and Karl Bollers, art by M. Hands.

"Cry of the Wolf." Last month readers said goodbye to Lupe and the Wolfpack. This month, witness how they first met and teamed up with the Freedom Fighters. Adapted from a classic episode of DIC's Saturday morning Sonic animated series, "Cry of the Wolf" is an issue-length epic which finds the classic incarnation of Sonic and his friends up against the original Dr. Robotnik and Snively, out to unleash their secret weapon.

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Ok, the bit about Many Hands taking over is a joke. :P It's just for this issue.