O.K. In a previous question, I asked about the DL's location. I've finally got round to actually taking your advice and looking in the Encyclopedia. What I'd like to know now is, where is the Twilite zone located on the map of the Floating Island that was published in Knuckles #1? Also, just out intrest, which issue was K:20YL? I'd just like to thank all the great people who answer peoples questions, you've done great with the site and I hope you reach your Silver Jubilee. You guys deserve it! ^_^
1) The Twilight Zone is the name for a limbo-like dimension the Dark Legion was trapped in. It's not on the Floating Island.
2) K:20YL is the name of a storyline for a Sonic Super Special that was never printed by Archie due to the cancellation of the Super Specials, but since it was due to be released spoilers about the special are relatively common knowledge. What Archie decided to do (probably because fans have known about it since 1998 and been asking for it for years now) is that starting soon after Sonic #125 they will do a revamped version of it called "Mobius: 25 Years Later" in the regular Sonic comic as a back-up story.

--True Red