1.How come Sonic was tooken off toon disney? 2.Do you know if Sonic will come on Nickelodeon?I am DYING to know. 3.Who is the strongest of ALL of the Sonic charecters?The fastest? 4.I read in a comic strip that had Knuckles saying "and me and water don't mix to good."However, in his level Aquatic Mines in SA2/SA2B, he swims.Does he swim or not? 5.And speaking of swimming,can Sonic swim? 6.Who is more powerful-Sonic or Shadow? That's it!I hope you answer my questions!
1) I dunno.
2) Not likely, but we can always hope.
3) Read the character profiles, you can probably find thoes answers.
4) Knux can swim in SA2/Battle, and Sonic Advance.
5) No. Sonic has proven many times he can swim like a rock. XD
6) They are evenly matched.

~ SA Tails