Major kudos to m'VERY good friend, NetRaptor for goin out of her way to find out about this so-called Simplenet Crisis 2.

Hi from NetRaptor.

I emailed Yahoo-simplenet about their account changes, and this is what they said:

Thank you for contacting us. At this time, existing Domain Web Accounts & Packages that were set up under SimpleNet will continue to be provided the same service. New accounts and upgrades, however, will convert to the services offered by Yahoo!. Existing customers have the option to also convert to one of our new packages with no setup fees! Only your monthly billing will change.

You can find out more at this URL:

Whew! We're safe ...


In other words, turn off the panic button and listen up. This means that everyone can now RELAX. I think J.D. Harding, who was the one who first alerted the Sonic Community of the problem, just jumped the gun WAY too early in the scene without cold-hard facts. Simplenet KNOWS they be trampling over themselves if they were to make the customers convert on their own. And thank god because the following sites all depend on Simplenet or simplenet related servers:

The Sonic Foundation (
Team Artail (
The Dream Avenue (
The Sonic Corner ( (
NetRaptor's Domain (
Zone 9
Mute Isle
TLoB's Sonic Site
Sonic HQ's SatAM video files other words, a WHOLE LOT of Sonic Websites would be affected. But, thank god it won't happen.