Well - some are saying Sonic Shuffle is pretty good - some however are damning it to the lowest bowels of Sonicdom. Gamefan is one of the latter following echos of reviews from fans and VG pages alike as they've graced it with a whopping 42. :P Here's an excerpt from thier review:

One of the things that made Mario Party such a success were its fantastic mini-games, they were quick and easy to understand, and you were involved in one at least every turn. Sonic Shuffle’s mini-games really aren’t that swell--while a few are mindless and fun (like the wooden labyrinth game), most are either unnecessarily complex, banal, or just plain stupid. For example, in Sonicooking, one player flips a giant frying pan while the others try to stay inside and collect rings. There’s zero challenge to stay in the pan because the flipper cannot move it fast enough to knock you out. A safe cracking mini-game has you turning a knob ad as soon as the other player sees a “!”, they open the door. Whichever team can do this faster wins. Lame. And here’s the real kicker. You really don’t play that many mini-games during the course of play because you have to land on specific spaces to activate them, and there are really very few of them on the board. You don’t even get to complete in a free-for-all mini-game at the end of everybody’s turn like in Mario Party.

'Taint funny Sega! If you wish to read the entire review check out the Source Link below. Its not pretty....

Source: Gamefan's Shuffle Review