1. Is Shadow about to appear in the Sonic Comic books? 2. How does Shadow know where the Chaos Emerald in the bank was? 3. How did Shadow and Rouge escape Prison Island? 4. What's Shadow doing on the pumpkin hills when Sonic and friends are heading for Eggman's? 5. In the final battle between Sonic and Shadow, how does Shadow use Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald? 6. Finally, Tails said that Eggman was at the Space Colony ARK when they traced his call to the president. How did Tails know where Eggman's pyramid was?
1) Read the comic previews for information.
2) It's not explained.
3) Eggman and company left before the explosion.
4) He was contacted by Rouge to look out for, and follow the Tornado.
5) Not explained.
6) Knuckles saw Eggman going into the pyramid, so he showed Tails and Sonic.

~ SA Tails