IGNCube has posted a list of the games Sega has confirmed for the Tokyo Game Show. Both the Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Advance 2 will definitely be presented. After a similar list was leaked earlier this week, Sega today confirmed its lineup of titles for display at the Tokyo Game Show next week. The list includes no major surprises, but a few notable games will be making their first public appearances, and as usual, Sega has plenty of theatrics scheduled to go along with the games themselves. Here's the full list by platform:

Super Monkey Ball 2
Eternal Arcadia Legend
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2
Sonic Mega Collection
Grand Heat (Burnout)

PlayStation 2
Get Bass Battle
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Power Smash 2 (Sega Sports Tennis)
Guru Guru Onsen
Sakura Taisen ~Atsui Chishio Ni~
New Roommania
Culdcept Second Expansion
Grand Heat (Burnout)

Game Boy Advance
Sega Rally
Sonic Advance 2

Sega GT 2002
House of the Dead 3
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Grand Heat (Burnout)

PC, etc.
Crazy Taxi
Columns for Clie
Puyo Puyo for PocketPC

Meanwhile, up on the event stage, there will be regular presentations from Overworks and Sonic Team, as well as other Sega developers. Sega's schedule hints that some as-yet-unnanounced games might appear up on the stage, but it's also possible that those slots in the schedule simply haven't been finalized as yet.

For the chicken fiends, there's a multitude of promotional shinola in store. Click here for a look at the Phantasy Star inflatable toys, inflatable Sonic heads, 3D Panzer Dragoon trading cards, Super Monkey Ball towels, Sega GT bumper stickers, Culdcept memory card seals, Overworks fans, and best of all, the MEGA-SWANK Roommania stationery set.

Famed IGN Sega obsessive Anoop Gantayat will endeavor to bring you total coverage. Look forward to it.

Source: IGNCube