The next Sonic game due for release: Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure finally has a SLEW of information out on it! Marking the first return of Sonic on a handheld since the days of Game Gear, STHPA is playable on the Neo Geo Pocket Color and is due for a release in two weeks. Features include:

  • Original Sonic 2D adventure - "amalgamates" previous Sonic games
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Two two-player modes
  • Link cable support

    Next to Sonic and Tails (the two playable characters) somehow making a return in the game will be Amy Rose, Knuckles The Echidna, Doctor Robotnik, Silver Sonic (Metal Sonic prototype from S2), the Flicky birds whom you must rescue at the end of an act, and Super Sonic upon a gathering of all Chaos Emeralds! The game is simple, at least in description: Get Sonic from the start of the level to the end in order to save the Flickies from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Each level works on the gameplay of the previous 2D Sonic games: springboards, corkscrews, loops, etc.

    What's interesting to note however is that while this game is "original" to an extent, it can also be described as an amalgamation of all the Sonic games that were released. Some levels look like they were ripped from Sonic 1, others from Sonic 2, and few here and there from Sonic 3 And Knuckles...The game will even feature the cool half-pipe bonus level from Sonic 2! One of the most promising features of Sonic Pocket Adventures is the link cable support. The game will have two modes of play for two players -- one player takes Sonic, the other Tails. The first is a race to see who can get from the start of a level to the finish. The other is a race to see who can collect the most rings.

    Click on the link below and you'll be able to see the entire 30 second TV spot for the NeoGeo Pocket Color that began airing on November 16th on MTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Fox Family, E! and other cable networks. The commercial is in Realmedia format (if you don't have the player, you'll have to get it by going to, and also features gameplay footage from SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium and Bust-A-Move. It's less than a megabyte in size, so it's not that long a download BUT you must download it to your HD first, then view it in Real Player.

    Once you finish looking at that - you can peruse the 60+ screenshots that Gamefan and IGN have so graciously put up. ^_^

    NeoGeo Pocket Color Ad - RealVideo Format - 876k (00:31min)

    Screenshot Selections - Gamefan
    Screenshot Selections - IGN DC

    Sources: Gamefan and IGN Pocket