Needless to say, if you had shopped at before, you know what I'm talking about, but here's the scoop from the e-mail I got tonight:

Want a chance to win a hot new Dreamcast game? Want to be one of the first to get your own username and password for the new

Of course you do! That's why you gave us your e-mail when you shopped at, right? But because of some new laws*, we can't keep you updated unless we know how old you are.

So here's the deal: You click on this link (, give us some quick info and you're all set.

What's in it for you? You'll get a chance to win a cool Dreamcast game of your choice, from a list of five of the hottest games. You'll also be among the gamer elite with access to the new, to be launched in May. There you can chat with other gamers, fill out your own personal profile and let the world know what you're all about.

You'll even get exclusive content for your VMU, Sega news e-mails and even more great contests. And if you sign up now, you can be one of the first to choose your own username and password - making sure you get the cool name you want before some other joker grabs it.

So be early, click on this link (, sign up by May 5, 2000, and you could win an awesome Dreamcast game!

*All this is because of the new COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). It says that for those under 13, we can't use their e-mail address without their parents' permission. So to stay in touch with you, we just have to know how old you are!

That's all the info I have. OH! If you register now, you'll be part of a special group of the "pioneer" zone for being among the first to be in the group.