This bit of an update comes from Gamespot:

The two companies resolve the legal battle over Sega's NBA 2K2 ad campaign.

In February, Nike filed a lawsuit against Sega because of the company's TV ad for NBA 2K2, which closely resembled Nike's "Frozen Moment" ad campaign. This past week, Nike and Sega agreed to a settlement in which Sega must pay for Nike's legal fees and donate $50,000 in Nike's name to the Boys & Girls Clubs of both Portland, Oregon, and Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, Sega and the Leagas Delaney advertising agency must issue an official statement of apology to Nike.

"We filed the lawsuit to serve notice that we will defend our copyrights and are pleased with how the matter has been settled." said Jim Carter, Nike general counsel, USA. Mariano Diaz, director of the Nike Foundation and Nike's liaison with the Boys & Girls Clubs added, "We are pleased that the settlement will help Boys & Girls Clubs programs, which support positive youth development."

By Giancarlo Varanini

Source: Gamespot