As a follow up to Ed's post below, I found three interesting tidbits of news on Sega X. First of all - The rumors of a possible partnership between Microsoft and Sega were finally laid to rest yesterday as CSK and Sega Chairman Isao Okawa publicly stated that he believed Microsoft was not interested in the network. It had appeared that even after Microsoft's announcement of their X-Box console that the two companies might generate a joint relationship. However, future operations centered around networking will be handled by Sega and CSK alone.

Now for the fiscal losses and switchings of SOJ President. Rather than reprint the articles here due to thier length, I'll point you to them:

1. Sega President Go Bye-Bye; Fiscal Loss

2. Sega Splits Up

Thats all. ^__^ Personally I found it interesting. With the Sega Saturn - it was America that was doing bad and Japan that was semi-suceeding. Now with the Dreamcast, its been flipped. Personally, perhaps I don't know all the info on it, but I find the actual problem not with Sega themselves but with the unbelieveable fickleness of the Japanese market in general. And considering that thier economy isn't all that great it makes me wonder why they don't try to concentrate a little more in the American and European divisions - the two that ARE doing well. But perhaps thats just me - like I said. I can't fully understand EVERYTHING thats going on...