From XenGamers:

Sega has signed a two and one-half year contract that will allow House of Brussels Chocolates to manufacture a special Sonic the Hedgehog candy bar. Brussels plans to launch the candy bar in early 2003 with initial distribution to retailers like convenience stores and video outlets.

"The development of a Sonic the Hedgehog candy bar marks an important new focus for House of Brussels Chocolates," said Grant Petersen, Chairman of House of Brussels' parent company Green Fusion. "While we will continue to produce the high quality, premium chocolates that has gained a high reputation in Canada and the United States, we now will be making a chocolate aimed at the untapped dynamic youth market. This market is significantly larger than our current adult focus and with a product that all the youth recognize, it is assured of becoming a major marketing success. All of the taste tests that we have conducted on our new Sonic the Hedgehog candy bar have been overwhelmingly positive."

Source: XenGamers