Sega has done it again! Now in his 90th game. Can you beleive that? SA2 was his 87th, Sonic Advance was his 88th, SA2 Battle was his 89th and now SA3 is his 90th game. Sonic has come a long way. Here's what they released so far...

This appears to the title logo for SA3. A promo of some sort. The Race Is On? Eraos Emerald? I guess we'll have to just wait and see what this all means!

Appears to be a screenshot of an ice level. Perhaps yet another revamp of Ice Cap? Hopefully snowboarding will be incorporated and then that will be promising

And this appears to be SHADOW! But why does he look like that? Could it be from re-enty? A possible Chaos Control? It seems like it could be anyone's guess.