Some serious news involving the whole piracy of Sega Dreamcast games has been brought up.

Sega is taking no prisoners this time, and has now officially shut down one of the largest Dreamcast sites out there that contains the most information on how to copy your own DC games and everything. The site?

This site was totally into the whole "DC Scene," as the whole Dreamcast piracy business was called. This site explained on how to burn your own DC games, contained the files to make your Dreamcast work with copies. It also contained covers to the DC games for those that wanted their copies nice and neat. They even contained manuals in Adobe format, not to mention a forum where people could discuss things that were going well, or things that screwed up and warn people not to obtain certain things. All to keep the scene going.

Yet, since it didn't contain any files that illegally distributed any actual DC games, there was no way Sega could touch them, seeing as all they did was give out information. Apparently, something caught Sega's eyes and soon hacked down on their site, which will truly slow down the distribution, however, not by a long shot. There are other websites out there that focus on the whole DC Scene, basically replicas of DC ISOS, and this won't stop broadband users with CD Burner's from getting more games. In other news, last week, Kalisto, a major online distributor of the DC games released their latest, and final, DC game to the public, and with it, they had this to say:

"Sega has offered us stock options to stop releasing DC, so this will be it, our last release."

Sega had found a new piracy protection code for it all to end. Kalisto, however, found their way around it and ripped their last few games to the public.

Rumor's have it that Sega was devistated that no matter what, Kalisto would always get through the protection code, and it scared Sega. So, they offered them a way to "shut their mouths" and basically bribed them. Another rumor is that they were caught and arrested, and that they used that bit to cover up what really happened.

It seems Sega's finally gaining the upperhand on the piracy business, but with more groups showing up to distribute games online, there's no telling when it will all end. One thing's for sure, Sega's much more ordered than Sony when it comes to piracy.