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Sega announces worldwide agreement with NexGen Software

Sega Dreamcast Game Consoles powered by NexGenIP TCP/IP suite, allows thousands of players to play together around the world

Sega Europe is pleased to announce the newly acquired license for NexGenIP, a complete embedded TCP/IP stack developed by French based company NexGen Software. This license will allow Dreamcast developers to access a Complete Networking Suite to design better online Games.

?Our objective was to offer our developers one of the most complete embedded TCP-IP stack which is perfectly tuned to exploit our optimised architecture?, said Serge Plagnol, Associate Director for Developers Technical Support at SEGA Europe. ?We worked closely with NexGen Software, to deliver arguably the best Internet based game software solution for a console available today? concluded Plagnol.

?The relationship established with SEGA gave us a deep understanding about the technical issues and we enjoyed working closely with them. While our TCP/IP stack is very carefully layered, we met the challenge to optimise some of our code in order to exploit the advanced Dreamcast architecture. The resulting port is probably the best one we have done, improving both the portability and performance? said Jean-Paul Medina, President at NexGen Software.

NexGenIP Open Embedded TCP/IP Suite is carefully designed to solve the most demanding requirements in terms of size, performances and portability. All dependencies are well isolated in the NexGenOS Interface Layer to support most of the popular Polling or Real Time Operating Systems.