I have encoded some of my SatAM videos that I have. These are without USA cuts so that makes Perfect Chaos the first site to have SatAM vids without USA cuts!

Originally, I was going for quality as suggested by the poll with each file being about 33MB but I didn't for a few reasons:

1. I didn't think anyone would actually vote for that and mean it.
2. They would neither download or upload properly. they may have on a higher modem like a cable modem but not a whole lot of people have them yet.
3. I know a lot of people in other countries who have to pay for local phone calls and internet and it wouldn't seem fair to make them sit there for 4-5 hours and run up a huge phone bill.
4. IceCapZone (who BTW, was the one to provide me with the webspace for this) is going to get them in better quality so keep your pants on.

I went to the next best quality which is 12MB. So, go to Perfect Chaos to get these eps. More to come soon including: Hooked on Sonics, Super Sonic, Sonic Racer, The Doomsday Project and others!