Firstly, a BIG thank you to Chuckie Chipmunk, AKA Toni the Mink, for this great piece of news!

This is what she said on the Mobius Forum:

That's right, German Sonic fans. Starting in September,the SatAM series will return. The post I found this from was all in German, but I have a (rather lousy) translator. Here's the post in English:

"The Sonic SATAm series comes into German remotelongs! For those, which missed it on cable 1: The rather stupid series nevertheless momentary l=E?f = t rtl II. keep from noble Sonic series of fans; the SATAm series will follow! Presumably at the beginning of Septembers."

See the post here (aol/5863:126/

Source: (aol/5863:126/

Thanks again, Chuckie!