This was posted by Ken Penders:

It's that time again, as I gear up once again for the San Diego Comic-Con.

At the moment, I'm scheduled to be seated at table AA-7 in Artists Alley. Dawn Best will be at my table unless fate intervenes and she somehow lucks into one for herself.

At the moment, I'm not sure if I will be doing commissions or not. Before I do anyone else's my first priority is finishing up something I owe to a fan who's been extremely patient with me. Beyond that, I'll probably charge $50 for convention sketches. I'll charge more if the request goes beyond one character.

Regarding Sonic and Knuckles back issues, I'll be showing up with quite an extensive selection of back issues, Chances are I'll sell out of certain issues quickly as a result.

I'll also have plenty or original art for sale. I've already posted some of the special pieces that will be on display at my table for sale up on ebay.

The art on Ebay is the following:

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