After recent news about SatAM and the fans supporting it, has declared to take action for the SU fan base who won't let Sonic Underground go down without a fight. We all know by now that SU is all but dead in most counties (except Canada, South Africa, and parts of the US). This is NOT good for those who still want to see SU gain a much larger crowd and get a season 2. However, if you DO want to see SU return with a big bang on a major network, I'm starting a campaign. Here's the deal:

I have the addresses of 5 major networks (Thanks to Sonique of Shadows of Light for providing the addresses in a prevous SHQ report). Choose a network you want to see SU on and write a NORMAL letter, (NOT an e-mail, mind you), saying you want to see Sonic Underground on their network. All letters can be sent to me to the following address below, and I'll send a lot of letters in one big package to the network you asked for. After all, a LARGE package is bound to gain better attention then single small letters. I know this from experience.

Here are the list of Networks to choose from:

ABC Network
Fox Theatre
Cartoon Network
WB Network

Please send all letters you write to the following address:
Shayne Thames
1020 South Florida Avenue
Bartow, FL 33830

PLEASE address in your letter to the network, NOT to me. I am only SENDING letters, not in charge. Thanks so much, and may SU live on!