In something that one can find to be incredibly ironic, the SSRG was not available yesterday; in fact, it was pointing to a very offensive picture. The problem, according to the webmaster of ZTNet, was this:

DNS has a primary and secondary (and even additional servers) that contain information on how a site is accessed. On the domains listed above, (ZTNet's)secondary DNS was in control by (another) DNS server. (We're keeping this server censored because of appropriateness.) The webmaster there had brought this to my attention some time ago, and it was put on the back burner as I did not realize how important secondary DNS was. He finally got fed up with the many DNS requests being sent to his servers, that he decided to intercept them, and direct them to his webserver, and consequently redirect those HTTP requests to offensive material. In short, due to my lack of taking care of this DNS issue earlier, and to the acts of the webmaster, a portion of your visitors were redirected to offensive material for approximatley 12-14 hours.

So, why did just the SSRG point to the offensive picture and not the entire Emulation Zone? Because of that secondary DNS, where SSRG's site access address was. Right now, you still can not access the SSRG, as it currently points to ZTnet, and when the SSRG will be back up and running is a question we can not answer right now. But stay here for the latest.