I wanted to wait until I heard more from the source who emailed before I put this up - but since the person hasnt responded yet, I won't say his name here for certain reasons and I'll be rather limited on what I put here for fear of getting said person in trouble. But I felt this posting pertinent as a petition has already started and I've gotten like 3 emails in my box telling me. And at this point if its sometihing that does affect a large portion of the Sonic community, people who read said item need to know. :P

After the current writers 10 issue run on the Sonic comics (currently in the partial SA adaption, #179), Fleetway's United Kingdom Sonic The Comic is going all reprint.

This DOES NOT MEAN that the book is cancelled, but this does mean that there will be no new stories at all for the foreseeable future - all of them will be stories that you've already read. Forseen by some readers, the book (which usually went 4/4 new stories back in the day) is currently at the stage where it is 2 to mostly 3/4 reprint.

A little more can be explained at the Save STC petition which has just begun and was started by STC fan Caroline Merritt. And I'll go into more detail and post something new when I hear form the source whom I recently emailed. Good luck STC fans.

Petition: Save STC