Needless to say - these new forums have ISSUES....

Entire posts have vanished at the blink of an eye (the Role Players Forum was in an uproar), the registration is hella nosey, we cant keep outside links to other pages (part of a plan I wanted to try later), and 2 days after its release it does a full 180 and we have to redesign it all over again (With a nice touch, compliments of Vector ^_^)

But at the same time several things need to be adressed and we need your help. Vector, Lien (Chainspike), and myself have been conversing on a number of things concerning the forum and needless to say WE DO KNOW of everything that people have been telling us one of us gets at least one to three queries on it a day - problem is we weren't sure how to handle it till now. has its obvious problems and Server Apps (while far superior in some aspects) can't give us everything we want in a forum. This is what WE need to know. This weekend I'm going to try and set up a compromise forum - the first being a board on Network 54, the second an EZBoard. When these two are set up we will be closing down temporarily and using our other two options as tests for a week or two, where you all can post and see which you like better. The Server App forum will be left open during this for comments and regular discussion as is now. When the decision is made we will then relaunch the forums with whichever the forumers like better. But realise that when the decision is made - we will not be using the Server Apps. One forum system only - and its either (currently up), EZboard (UBB like setup with more user options, less customising range for us), or the N54 forum (most like the server apps with more customising range for us than EZBoard) which you'll see this weekend. And if push comes to shove - the main bit will come between N54 and EZBoard, cause I refuse to have the MF split in two any longer and we need to get this sucker out of the way now. And if posts are STILL dissapearing from then so be it.

If you know of any problems you have or may have had with ANY OF THESE FORUM TYPES TELL US BEFORE HAND!!! Complaints before hand will be taken in full consideration, Complaints after the final decison will be ignored as this already puts us off of other things we had planned for next week. The Server Apps are still up and linked below. The more we know what you want, the more you tell us what you know - the better you get. Until then - please use the boards up now to the best of your ability and if you are a Mobius Forum poster - use the server apps. Stick with us and give us from this weekend to next week. We're working to the best of our abilities. Get back to you all later

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