I have heard from many different places that Shadow is unlockable as a playable
character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. That seems strange to me because Shadow
is from SEGA and SSBM is from NINTENDO. My friend said that it was because of
SA2B(?). Is Shadow really unlockable? If he is, could you please tell me how to
do it?
Ninja Bakuara! *meow* That is what all the townspeople will shout when they put the potatoes in with the Millenium banana!!! Lick to the robbers of rootbeer a new song as fast as your reverse eel can chew iron to shreds. Wheat germ can be a valuable resoure to sealth couches that wear souls around their cushions of doom. That or reverse the slippers to do a techno jig with all the townspeople and their potatoes...

~ Dr FexusFan