Sonic Chaos is getting a 16-bit remaster from the ground up! Check out my thoughts.

Sonic Chaos was originally released on the Game Gear system back in 1993. Now a team of passionate fans are re-creating the game with a 16-bit art style to resemble the Genesis titles. This includes a brand new engine that's made from the ground up (Crimson Engine) and custom graphics and remixes to create a brand new experience! The only things that are retained are basic level layouts, but even those had some changes and additions!

Visually, Turquoise Hill looks gorgeous and pops in a way the original zone was never able to. With the use of slightly different colors, the stage has a different feel to it. The original zone had colors that made it resemble Green Hill Zone, so this is a welcome change (especially when it comes to Green Hill nowadays). Sonically, the remix is amazing and reminds me of the same music style used in the Sonic Mania soundtrack. Whoever is remixing the tracks has a real talent for it and I look forward to hearing the rest of the tracks!

Gameplay wise, the game has very solid controls and plays much like Mania does! I will say though some of the physics need some tweaking and polish to truly be finished. Also, there are points in the game where it's hard to gain the momentum to speed through sections of the game that should be easily sped through. One example that comes to mind is the tunnels Sonic rows in a ball in. If you aren't spindashing into these tunnels, Sonic will slowly move through the tunnel and may even get awkwardly pushed by the game to get out of the tunnel. In the original Genesis game, Sonic would automatically speed up once in these tunnels, which made his control feel more smooth.

Overall though, this remake is very promising and I look forward to seeing it come to fruition! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!